Project Results

Project Result 1: Training Format

This result involves the development of a training format that is specifically designed for teachers, and aims at providing them with competencies for content creation through digital technologies. 


Ιn detail, the Training Format aims at helping teachers to improve their digital skills and to develop digital tools and content, e.g. VR-based, to be used during lessons that are tailored to the needs of students. The elaboration of the Training Format’s modules is strictly based on a Research Report, containing training needs of teachers regarding digital or technological literacy as well as an overview of existing solutions in the field of digital tools applied in educational settings. The Training Format is based on a blended approach including in person and online activities structured on three levels: Beginner, Advanced, Expert.

Project Result 2: Digital & Virtual Toolbox

The second result of the project is the development of a Digital & Virtual Toolbox. This toolbox is the result of a co-creation process between project partners and trained teachers and contains a selection of newly developed digital tools that can be used during lessons for a selected sample of school subjects such as Informatics and ICT, History, Geography, Music, Mathematics and Art.


The toolbox provides teachers with various tools such as interactive video lessons, interactive scenarios, games and educational scenarios, quizzes, and student interactions. In addition, to support the teacher, the toolkit offers content relevant to the Training Format, such as icebreakers and workshops, tips for teachers, handouts and useful resources.

Project Result 3: Assessment tool

The final result of the project is the development of an assessment tool. This tool is aimed at measuring the impact of the Digital & Virtual Toolbox on student learning achievements. By assessing the effectiveness of the digital tools developed by the project, the assessment tool can provide valuable insights into how teachers can improve their teaching methods and enhance student learning outcomes.


The Assessment Tool is a modular, web-based full responsive platform, accessible from any device (i.e. mobile, tablet, laptop, PC), anytime, anywhere. Project partners have jointly agreed on using the Learning Management System Moodle as the most user-friendly e-Assessment web-based platform. The tool provides a series of quiz activities used in a double formative-evaluative way. On the one hand, quizzes provide information to students as fine-grained knowledge which includes videos, presentations and interactive video lessons. Other quizzes are aimed at testing the conceptual understanding gained by students. On the other hand, quizzes have a double evaluative purpose. For students’ own self-evaluation, as questions are designed in order to provide feedback to students as a means of helping their learn.